Using FTP with Microsoft FrontPage

Using FTP with Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage supports two methods of publishing files to a web server: HTTP POST and FTP. HTTP POST is the default publishing feature in Microsoft FrontPage (using the PUBLISH button), and the preferred method for uploading your Microsoft FrontPage created web site.

However, under certain circumstances you may want to use Microsoft FrontPage to transfer a file via FTP. You may need to use FTP for one of these reasons:

* The site you are uploading the file to does not support Microsoft FrontPage Server Extension-based publishing
* You are publishing a large file (over 1-2 megs) and are getting timeout errors publishing the file via Microsoft FrontPage publishing

To use Microsoft FrontPage to upload a web via FTP, perform the following steps:

1. Open your web in Microsoft FrontPage Explorer
3. Type in the destination FTP Server name in the location box in the form of:
4. Choose whether you wish to publish all pages, or only changed pages since your last publishing session
5. Click the PUBLISH button
6. Enter your FTP username and password when prompted

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